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'Mafi' Style RollTrailers Complete list of used and new RollTrailers, Tumasters and Reachstakers

Rolltrailers are extensively used by terminal operators around the world.

We have all kinds of rolltrailers (often called as mafi trailer). Rolltrailer is the best solution for transportation of heavy cargoes (like loaded containers, locomotives, metall sheets and also non-standard equipment) on RO-RO ships, in ports and terminals, in industry areas. Capacity from 20ton up to 120ton, length available 20foot, 30foot, 40foot and 62 foot. Type of flooring - wood, plywood, steel.

Roll trailers are designed for RoRo transport of heavy and large cargo units, but can also be used for most types of general cargo. Our fleet of roll trailers ranging from 20’ up to 80’ with capacity from 25 to 140 metric tonnes. WWL also provide roll trailers fitted with rails for carriage of rail cars with bobies attached. If roll trailers are required to be modified to carry any special cargo, this will be "tailor-made" as per requirements.

25–140 tonnes
Maximum length (in feet):
20, 30, 40, 60, 80
Maximum width:
2.50 m
Maximum height when stowed:
0.85 m
Acceptable rear trailer overhang:
3 m (Based on standard 100-ton rolltrailer)

Rolltrailers for transportation of heavy cargoes on RO-RO ships, in ports, terminals and industrial areas.
Length 20', 30', 40', 62'
Capacity 20t-120t

The roller trailer (Mafi Traileris) designed for use in stevedoring and transporting of 1x40ft or 2x20ft ISO cargo containers or loose cargo or big non knocked-down goods on Ro-Ro vessels or within terminal.

Capacity: 100 tons equally distributed not self-supporting load or container load at 20' /40 positions

We can offer you roll trailers meeting your indiividual needs and requirements for carrying different types of cargo for your solving exclusive logistic options and optimizing operating costs.e.g.:

  • Standard trailers for in-process logistics of various profiles
  • Standard trailers for Ro Ro type shiplines
  • Standard trailers for in-port logistics
  • Special designs for non-standard and oversized cargo logistics

For the choice of the Customer / Operator is:

  • Length, width, height (2.5m, 3.0m , etc)
  • Type of decking (plank deck, steel deck, grating deck, etc)
  • Number of stanchion pockets
  • Color and marking

Some standard options of roll trailer designs:

RT 40-feet SWL 60tn
RT 40-feet SWL 80 tn for general cargo /90 tn for container cargo
RT 40-feet SWL 100 tn
RT 62-feet SWL 62 tn
RT 62-feet SWL 80 tn
RT 80-feet SWL 80 tn

Standard Rolltrailers

In cases of Terminal use the rolltrailer with attached gooseneck is preferred for ease of handling and hook up to the Terminal Tractor. The Terminal operator finds the following features especially attractive:


New and Refurbished: 60-, 80-, 100-, 120-ton


  • Low profile equates to a low center of gravity for maximum stability
  • Robust Design- no lights, no breaks, no landing gear to maintain
  • Versatility for break bulk, heavy lift, over-height cargoes
  • Readily available spare parts

Gooseneck with Parking Stand

fdUsed to connect the rolltrailer to the hydraulic fifth wheel of the yard tractor.



New and refurbished with carrying capacity of: 32-, 36-, 45-ton